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Ultimate support chat is a fully featured, high performace chat application designed from the gound up to be fast, efficient and to provide you with an ideal chatting platfrom. It features an advanced widget customizer thats intuitive and easy to use give you visual feedback and controll of every aspect of the chat widget and how it appears to your visitors. Customize the widget’s images, backgrounds, logos, layouts, messages, sounds, borders, shadows, avatars and behaviour with ease.

Want the widget to open from the side? no problem. Click a button and it’s done. Prefer up and down sliding? you got it. Maybe a simple button on the bottom side of the screen – just a click away. Try the widget customizer and you’ll come up with your own design in no time.

You can upload your own images or use the provided high end graphics.

Multiple views are provided, from simple lists to an interactive world map, showing you in real time all website traffic and chat requests. The map zooms in and out automattically and is 100% resposnsive.

Among the many features are multiple domain support, multiple operators, desktop notifications, chat invitations, alerts, status indications and a friendly automatic installer wizard. You’ll be up and running less then a minute.


  • PHP 5 or higher with PDO (PDO is enabled by default in PHP installations)
  • MySql

PHP version 5 or higher with a database connection is required.
The database connection is made using PDO, an incredbily robust database driver ensuring a clean, hack-safe, secure and super fast connection to your database. Among its many advantages, PDO is able to interface with a wide variety of popular databases such as MySQL, CUBRID, MS SQL Server, Firebird, IBM, Informix, Oracle, ODBC and DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite and 4D. This powerful feature makes scaling and data migration from one database to another a very simple task, requiring only one line of configuration.

The default PDO driver is set to MySql.

Multiple Domain Support

Ultimate Support Chat supports multiple domains. It’s powefull engine allows you to install the application on any domain and on any server you choose while deploying the chat widget on an unlimited number of websites. These websites can live on the same domain as the chat application, on the same server, or on completly seperate domains or separate servers. It’s fully flexable, automated and installs in seconds.

Sit back, monitor traffic, and chat with your visitors from one central application while accepting chats from multiple websites. You’ll see what website your visitors are browsing, what page/s they are viewing, their location, operating system, browser, screen size and other helpfull info.

Robust performace

Multiple domain support also provides performance advantages. It allows you to setup a server to handle the chat application, and completely separate it from your website/s (where the widget will appear). This option is especially important if you run a high traffic website/s and need to have multiple visitors / operators chatting without the concern of slowing down your website/s performace.


  • Installation instructions are also available in this Video Tutorial.
  • After downloading all the files, copy and upload the ultimate_support_chat directory anywhere on your web server (for example to the root directory of your website).
  • Open your browser and enter the url pointing to where you have copied the ultimate_support_chat folder. For example:
  • The installation wizard will run automatically.

Database connection

If you already have a database you want to connect to, enter the information and click test connection. If you want to use a designated database for Ultimate Support Chat: create a new database using your favorite database administration tool such as phpmyadmin, cPanel, goDaddy host panel etc, and then enter the information and click test connection.

  • Host: The default is localhost or
  • Database Name: Enter your database name.
  • Username: Enter a username with access to the database.
  • Password: Enter the user’s password.

Admin account

Enter the administrator’s account information. You will use this username and password to login into the application, manage global settings, widget design, add and remove operators, and so forth.

Please note that the email you select for the admin account will be used to receive visitors email when operators are offline.

Press complete to finish the setup and login into Ultimate Support Chat.


Upon succesfully loging in you will be taken to the dashboard, which features a world wide interactive map showing visitors and chat requests in real time.

To configure the application please press global settings

From the Global Settings Page you can choose “Track all website users” in order to see all website traffic, or “Track only chat requests” in order to limit the view to users who would like to initiate a chat.

Embed the chat widget to your web page

  • Once you are done customizing settings, copy the widget code.
  • Now you are ready to embed the chat widget on your website. Simply paste the code in your main HTML document.
  • Please note that it is best to paste the code at the end of the document, just before the closing body tag. The code will load all the dependencies and add the chat widget at the lower right side of your webpage.
  • Please note that the widget will only appear on the page where the code was pasted, so make sure to paste it in every page, or, alternatively, in one central page such as a template or theme page that will effect all pages.


The Visitor section provides you with an overall view of all visitors, chat requests and chats that are currently in progress.

To answer a chat request simply click on a that row. The chat window (below) will appear and you can begin the chat.

Chat window

On the right side of the chat window, you can view information on the visitor such as the current page they are viewing, the type of browser, operating system, as well as country, IP and other helpful information.

To use prepared messages click on the gears icon on the top right corner. The side panel will open. Click on the prepared message you want to insert into the chat.

Transfer a chat to another operator

To trasnfer a chat click on the gears icon on the top right corner. The side panel will open. Select the operators tab by clicking on the users icon. Select an avaiablable operator from the list. The selected operator will be notified and the chat will transfer to this operator, once he accepts the transfer.


The History panel provides you with a summery list of all previous chat conversations. You can view any conversation by clicking on it. The chat display window will provide further information pertaining to the type of device used by the visitor (desktop/tablet/phone), browser information, country, IP, and the webpages that the visitor browsed.

Widget Design


  • Watch the Widget Customizer Video Tutorial.
  • Ultimate support chat features a fully customizable chat widget with a comfortable, easy to use, visual customizer allowing you to perfect the look of the chat widget to fit your website design and layout.
    You can create and save an unlimited amount of chat widget designs and compare them with a click of a button. The included 10 presets where carefully designed to use as is or as a starting pointo for further customization to fit your exact needs.

    The main Widget Design window displays the 3 modules that build up the chat widget:

    • General Widget Design – visitors see this window when they click the chat widget and operators are online.
    • Conversation Layout Design – the actuall chat interface.
    • Away Message Design – visitors see this window if operators are offline.

    The General Widget Design pertains to the chat widget’s global settings:

    • Trigger method: choose from button, Slide up, or Side Slide.
    • If your trigger method is Button choose the color of the botton and the color of the icon.
    • Customize the header title.
    • Choose your design preferences: round or square corners, border color, shadow, background color or image, header design, header color or image, button design and text field design, text color, placeholder color.
    • You may choose from the included backgrand and header images or upload your own.
    • Configure a custom welcome message.
    • Choose whether your users will use an avatar (choose from 7 different libraries).
    • Configure what information your user needs to provide in order to initiate a chat (name, email etc.)

    The Conversation Layout Design provides you with these options:

    • Customize the header title.
    • Design a custom header that will appear once the chat has started. It may contain your company logo, branding images or the operator’s avatar.
    • Upload any image and use it in the header.
    • Select from five different conversation layouts.
    • Enter an initial admin message.
    • Design the look of the operator and visitor avatars square or round.
    • Design the admin’s message field: background color and font color.
    • Design the user’s message field: background color and font color.
    • Select the typing area’s background color, font color, text color and button color.
    • Select sound notification for both user and operator.

    The Away Layout Designprovides you with these options:

    • Customize the header title.
    • Design the text field are: background, placeholder font color, text font color.
    • Design the button: background color and the text that will appear on the button.
    • This section allows your users to email you when no one is available to chat. The email will be sent to the admin’s email address that was entered during the installation process.



    You can add an unlimited amount of operators and choose whether to give them administrative permission. These permissions allow operators to add and remove operators, change the global settings, and customize the chat widget.

    Please note that the main admin account that you registered while installing Ultimate Support Chat may not be deleted, to prevent accidental lockouts from the admin interface.

    Preprared Messages

    You can create pre-drafted messages that will be available to you with a simple click of a button. This feature can save typing time for common replies make chat conversations quick, accurate, and easy.

    To create prepared messages navigate the prepared messages page by selecting it from the main application menu.

    Global settings

    The widget code is displayed on this page for your convenience.

    Choose to hide the widget when operators are online or to display the ‘away’ widget to allow users to send you messages by email.

    Enable / disable Desktop notifications.

    Customize the sound of incoming chat alerts.

    Choose between tracking all website traffic or only chat requests.


    Thank you for purchasing Ultimate Support Chat. The application is fully supported by Premium Scripts. Should you need assistance please email us at

    Kindly note that a valid license is required in order to receive support.